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Instagramer Keiran Lusk posts final photos as Moreton Island resident and park ranger

A Moreton Island resident who has earned himself legions of fans around the world for his social media snaps of life off
the mainland is moving on.

Keiran Lusk has been living with his family and working as a park ranger on the third biggest sand island in the world, off the coast of
Brisbane, for the past five years.

For the majority of that time he has been sharing his daily adventures to his personal Instagram account, which has ballooned in
popularity over the years with more than 58,000 people now following the 41­year­old’s journey.

But this week Mr Lusk announced he was moving on from his role as park ranger and venturing into the next phase of his life as a
stay­at­home father to sons, Ellery, 4, and, Aubrey, 2.

“I’ve been amazed at how much reaction I’ve got to us leaving the island,” he said.

“There’s been some upset people writing to me, wishing us well, and saying they’ve had a few tears. It’s been pretty full on.”

Mr Lusk said his personal account has attracted intrigue from people around the world.

“It’s about telling a story and having a bit of a narrative that people can follow along,” he said.

“There aren’t many kids that get to grow up at a lighthouse in Australia in 2016. It’s been something a little unusual that people have
grabbed on to, and followed and rallied for us. It’s been amazing.

“Even Instagram themselves have featured me a couple of times, and sent me little gifts at Christmas. Usually it’s a ‘crazy cats of
Instagram’ calendar.

“They always follow up and say ‘thanks for telling good stories’.”

Life off the island means more time with family
Mr Lusk said he was looking forward to spending time with the family at their new home in the northern Brisbane suburb of Sandgate.
“I probably didn’t get to see as much of the boys as I’d liked to on the island … being away from home 10 hours a day,” he said.

“I’m really super excited to be putting the feet down for a while and taking the boys down the foreshore here at Shorncliffe and
Sandgate and taking them places we used to go when they were smaller like the museum and out to the railway workshops at Ipswich.

“That’s going to be my new life.”
He said the time on the island had given Ellery and Aubrey a special start in life they would never forget.

“Both the boys, that’s all they’ve known. As soon as they were out of hospital both have been brought up on the island,” he said.

“It’s been very unique for them, I think they just think it’s normal to have a lighthouse in your backyard, and it’s something you just wander around every day at sunset.

“I think they’ll definitely miss it. We’ve been priming them for a while about what’s going to happen, and moving to the big city.”

Former ranger venturing into ‘social influencing’

Amassing an army of followers on Instagram has led Mr Lusk into new opportunities ­ namely as a “social influencer”.
Tourism and Events Queensland, Brisbane Marketing, and Tourism Australia have featured his photography over the past couple of

Most recently he was recruited alongside other popular social media users for a trip to Cairns, to document the journey to his

“That was sort of dipping my toes into the brave new world of social influencing,” he said.

“We did a couple of days filming in a national park outside of Cairns for an online video that’s coming out.

“It was quite and eclectic bunch of digital content creators … some of them were big on Snapchat, YouTube, and vlogging.”

Mr Lusk said he was interested in further work in the field.

“I wouldn’t be able to sustain a full time gig at the moment, looking after the boys in Brisbane, but hopefully it’s something I can
dabble in in my spare time.”

Despite moving off the island, he said the family would not be away for long.

“We’re already planning our return trips to the island. I’d say within the next month we’ll be back there camping,” he said
“We’ve got lots of friends there. I dare say we’ll still be frequent travellers to the island in the coming year.”

They are also looking into taking a trip around the country.

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