Keiran has taken the path less travelled in life – ranger, lighthouse caretaker, tour guide and now full-time traveller and teacher to his two young boys.

In 2019, Keiran and his family sold their home and began travelling in their self-converted bus, and have been slowly exploring Australia’s stunning beaches, national parks and desert country.

With a passion for protecting our natural and cultural heritage, and a deep respect for the First Nations peoples that are the original custodians of these lands and waters, he hopes to share his sense of awe through his photography – when he’s not busy home-schooling his boys, that is.

Degree qualified in Environmental Science with further qualifications in conservation and land management, Keiran’s passion for the natural environment can easily be seen in his images of Queensland’s wild and beautiful natural landscapes.

REMOTE Experiences

From the pristine white sands of K’gari to the windswept cliffs of Cape Moreton on Mulgumpin and the ancient dunes of Uluru, Keiran has lived and worked in some iconic Australian locations.

Keiran and his family spent five years living at the Cape Moreton lighthouse on Mulgumpin (Moreton Island), where he worked as a park ranger and lighthouse caretaker. Keiran also spent many years living and working at Uluru (Northern Territory) as a tour guide, aboriginal language interpreter and park ranger. In his younger days, Keiran lived on K’gari (Fraser Island) where he worked as a tour guide and 4wd bus driver. These are the landscapes and experiences that have shaped his great passion for the outdoors and photography.


Tales From The Wild

Meet Bronte the bus, a house on wheels for Keiran and his family.

After two years converting the bus in their Brisbane backyard, Keiran and his family sold their home in 2019 and began travelling full-time around Australia.

“I am so fortunate to be able to combine my enthusiasm for the great outdoors and the natural world, with my passion for teaching our children and my love for photography into one great big adventure in our bus!”

You can follow the adventures of Keiran and his family in their converted bus at ‘Tales From The Wild’ and on Instagram or Facebook at @talesfromthewild.

Queensland Creator

A member of the Queensland dream team!

In 2020 Keiran was thrilled to become a ‘Queensland Creator’ for Tourism and Events Queensland. As a proud Queenslander, Keiran couldn’t quite believe his luck to join such a talented team of content creators!

So what’s his top Queensland destination to visit? From close encounters with emus and the scent of pink mulla mulla at dusk, to stargazing by the campfire at night, Keiran rates Queensland’s outback as one of his travel highlights. He says the rust red sand dunes of Windorah, the dusty Birdsville Track and Munga-Thirri National Park with its explosion of wildflowers are a photographer’s delight.

“It’s such a difficult question to answer. I love all of our natural landscapes here in Queensland.”

“We have such an incredible abundance of beautiful places to visit here. From the iconic Queensland red sands of the outback to the lush green rainforests of Tropical North Queensland or the wind swept sand hills of Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) and everything else in between, I just love it all!”

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