Great Barrier Reef Private Expedition Cruise (min 4 day max 8 guests)


When you live aboard our yacht, your days adventure begins when you wake and continues unabated till well after dark. John & Lynne like to say that “their guests can go snorkelling over colourful corals accompanied by hundreds of friendly fish before breakfast and each day just gets better from there…”

All daily activities are personally guided which ensures your in depth appreciation of the wonders of nature both above and below the water. Lynne has been selected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) to be a “Master Reef Guide” (the highest honour that GBRMPA can bestow). She is a “Citizen Scientist” specialising in the Reef World which has been her passion for more than 50 years. John & Lynne have a unique permit issued by GBRMPA granting them access to most of the Marine Park and they have spent a lifetime discovering its secrets that they willingly share with their guests.

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