Best VR Escape Room Melbourne | 60 Minutes To Escape | Fun for the Whole Family


* Escape from reality and be blown away by the realism as you feel like you’re really in outer space or battling dark fears in a madman’s mind

* Have a blast flying through space with each other or giving hi-five blasts while using your keen observation and wits to complete your mission

*As a Super Team, save Earth from a dark portal in Space Heroes or battle a madman’s mind to find a missing child in Mad Mind

*Challenge your team’s intellect and reflexes as you master special abilities and solve tricky puzzles

• Space Heroes: The fate of our galaxy is in your hands. Fly through outer space, use your special abilities, quick thinking and teamwork to save Earth in 60 minutes

• Mad Mind: As a team of Cyber Detectives, you have 60 minutes to face your fears and outwit a criminal’s mind to save a child.

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