Feathertop Winery: Behind the Wines and Vines


Have you ever wanted to learn more about how our estate grown grapes are turned into beautifully hand crafted wines? Would you like to improve your wine knowledge?
Then join us for a Vineyard & Winery Discovery Tour – your privately hosted and up close and personal experience that takes you to the inner sanctum of Feathertop! We start off by taking you to a special vantage point in the vineyard where we will introduce you to the varietal mix, our vineyard philosophy and any current operations happening on the day.
We’ll give you an overview of the Boynton family history and then take you behind the scenes in our winery, purposely designed by Kel to be a one man operation! Here we will explain the wine crushing operations, wine making philosophy, and even taste some tank samples when available. Your tour finishes off with a wine tasting of our current release wines.

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