Half-Day Biking Activity from Aqueduct to California Redwoods


This amazing trail is cut into the mountain leading away from Warburton township.

You will bike or hike 7km until you reach Cement Creek Rd. There are impressive walls of ferns on this section as well as the amazing flora and fauna that adorns the whole amazing trail.

You will then travel 650m down Cement Creek Rd and within minutes you’ll reach the California Redwood Forest. There are 1476 Redwood Trees (to be precise) and the forest is enchanting, as is Cement Creek running behind it. The trees are planted in perfect symmetry making for a surreal experience and Instagram fodder.

This adventure is hands-down better mid-week. On Weekends you’ll share the Redwood Forest with thousands of others… although you can look at them smugly knowing that you have been an intrepid adventurer to get there. Mid-week you can often be alone and therefore it’s completely worth taking days off from work.

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